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Archive for March 14th, 2022

Plumbing & Sanitary Installation

The plumbing and sanitary system is an essential part of every house or building. Proper planning and designing of plumbing system is crucial as it takes care of the hygiene requirements of the occupants. It has been reported that about 8 per cent of the construction cost of a building is marked for plumbing and […]

Air-Filtration Systems Installation & Maintenance

Air conditioning, ventilation and filtrations systems are those products that often become inactive, and you just can’t neglect. Whether it’s the air conditioning that broke up, the ventilation that just won’t remove the dust, or the filtration system that became slothful, do not worry! Just contact us for maintenance and we’ll be right at your […]

Electrical Fittings & Maintenance

We are committed to providing the latest technology, highest quality products and superior customer service. This strategy is what sets us apart from our competition and has made us leaders in the electrical contracting field. Skilled Electricians offer all your residential electrical needs. From new construction to pre-existing homes, residential repairs and troubleshooting, we have […]

Fixtures Repairing & Maintenance

If you find your bathroom a bit outdated and you wish to Update Your Bathroom as well as cooking area’s faucets and also a component, contact Contractor UAE of today to set up a new modern-day tap. We recognize with crafted, high-efficiency components and taps as well as give solutions of component fixing, installation, Bathroom […]

Air-Conditioning Installation & Maintenance

The air condition system installation take a couple of hours as there must be a breakage made to the wall to rest the components perfectly well. The stabilizer and the switches with the cooling or heating units empower the users and require high maintenance in terms of cleanliness and function. A high care on clearing […]

Ventilations Installation & Maintenance

Ventilation systems are significant in keeping the air fresh in the workplaces and homes. Installation of the lapse-free ventilation system that works fine in retaining the air in the rooms fresh and pure is simple when the technicians take the task. Unfinished jobs are nowhere seen when the multinational organizations of Dubai take up the […]

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I am a property manager and have used The Cleaning Company for numerous jobs, ranging from carpet cleaning to end-of-tenancy cleans on large properties. They have always been very accommodating and the standard of their work is unquestionable. I have been and am very grateful for their consistent professionalism and the standard they uphold.

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